What our Users Say about PrimiLungs™

PrimiLungs has made a big change in my life.  I feel great since starting it two years ago.  I used to get coughs and colds with fever maybe 3 or 4 times a year – Since I’ve been on PrimiLungs I have not had even one infection.  I am really into sports so it’s very important that I have a lot of energy and easy breathing all the time.

-Art P.  NV

I’ve tried a lot of supplements to improve my health and have been let down by most.  PrimiLungs is different, it really helps to give me good breathing and a ton of energy, even when I work out at the end of a long day. 

-Paul B,  CA

All my life I was with weak lungs and with many colds, coughs and flu problems, more when it is cold.   I don’t like antibiotics and drugs.  For the past year I take PrimiLungs every day and I am not sick.   .  Now I sleep better and feel better during the day.

-Tonya N, Miami

 I used to be a heavy smoker and I know that my breathing is damaged.  Before I started PrimiLungs last year, I had no energy and got flu a lot,  It took about three weeks for me to see the difference.  I feel stronger now and can work full days without getting so tired.  PrimiLungs really helps more than all the vitamins and supplements I’ve tried

-Slavik N., Russia

Thank you for PrimiLungs!  Started a year ago and after only one month I felt much stronger.  Mainly, I don’t have colds and I think my allergies are better too. It really helps.

-Francoise, de W.,  France

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