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Primicell® For Dogs

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The $5,5 billion pet food market is dominated by junk food and we’re out to change that:


It’s a well-known fact that most of the leading dog food treats are filled with wheat, sugar and things that taste good, but provide no health benefits. In fact, most of these treats contribute mightily to a national epidemic where 53% of dogs are overweight and live shorter lives. PrimiCell® For Dogs is vastly different than what’s out there in that it is the only dog supplement incorporating revolutionary primitive cell regeneration technology. The benefits: Healthier, Happier and more Active Dogs!

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Pet Parents want Nutritious, Healthy Supplements for their pets:

9 out 10 consumers believe there’s a direct correlation between nutrition and health… for themselves and their pets. This is why 79% of pet owners believe that the quality of what their pets eat is as important as the quality of what they eat. PrimiCell® For Dogs is a healthy supplement for your pet that is made in the USA according to the highest human standards.

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Our value proposition is quite straightforward and unlike anything out there

PrimiCell® For Dogs is a revolutionary line of super-premium, 100% natural dog supplements that are Nutritious, Delicious and Healthy, and far superior to current products because they incorporate proven-effective nutraceutical and primitive cell regeneration technology.

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PrimiCell® for Dogs is the only APBAR™ rated dog treat on the market:

In 1952 Dr. Virginia Apgar introduced the APGAR acronym to describe a system for rating the health of newborn bables. With that as inspiration APBAR™ was developed for determining a dog’s health and youthful condition. When dogs are given PrimiCell® For Dogs every day, there is an associated improvement in their APBAR™ rating that may be seen in as little as a few days. Young, healthy dogs may take longer to show the improvement. Data shows that PrimiCell® For Dogs is far superior to traditional supplements including the leading national brands, because PrimiCell® for Dogs dramatically increases a dog’s 5 key APBAR™ metrics… (APBAR.COM) No other dog supplement is APBAR™ rated or can make this claim. At your convenience, we’d like to discuss our unique science with you.

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PrimiCell® for Dogs is a win/win For You & Your Pets 

• All Natural 
• Non-GMO 
• No Sugar 
• Gluten Free 
• 62 Minerals & Trace Minerals 
• 18 Amino Acids 
• 10 Vitamins 
• 14 Fatty Acids including Omega 3,5,6,7 
• Phycocyanin 
• Protein 60% minimum

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PrimiCell® For Dogs comes with a Money Back Guarantee:

Try PrimiCell® For Dogs For 30 days. If you don’t see heathier, happier and more active dogs, we’ll refund the purchase price.

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You’ve heard from us. Now hear what our clients:
Clinicians, Vets, Trainers & Pet Parents have to say about PrimiCell® For Dogs

A large part of my practice is comprised of sporting dogs — Pointers, Retrievers, Setters; Spaniels — where focus, stamina and endurance are key. Both my clients and highly regarded trainers who use PrimiCell® For Dogs have told me that PrimiCell® For Dogs makes their dogs more alert in training, dramatically improves field trials scores and enhances overall health. 

Dr. Charlie T., DVM

Based on my 30+ years as a Harvard trained physician and clinical researcher for global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, PrimiCell® For Dogs is a superior product in terms of ingredients, formulation and outcomes. Based on a variety of data, a daily regimen of PrimiCell® For Dogs points to consistent improvement in appearance, performance, behavior, activity and responsiveness in a wide variety on canine breeds 

Dr. Edward J., MD

I’m a professional dog trainer who’s never endorsed a product, but after PrimiCell® For Dogs changed Willow’s life, I’ve changed my tune. Willow, my 2 ½ year old Doberman, had alopecia and multiple other health issues. 40 days later, she’s dramatically better—healthy coat, better appetite, more energy/stamina and her alopecia is gone. 

Gary E., Professional Dog Trainer

My rescue dog lived a hard life: skinny, abused, scared and with the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen. I came close to putting him down until a neighbor introduced me to PrimiCell® For Dogs. 3 weeks later I had a completely different dog. Now he runs, plays and has spark. I’m forever grateful to PrimiCell® For Dogs.

Fatty Max’s Mom

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