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Equine Regen® Plus

What is Equine Regen® Plus

Equine Regen® Plus is a patent pending proprietary blend made of 6 natural ingredients, which have been consumed by human and animals for many years. The ingredients in Equine Regen® Plus have been shown to :

  • Enhance endurance and stamina;
  •  Improve Manageability of horses;
  •  Enhance cardiovascular and respiratory functions;
  •  Reduce Stress;
  •  Regenerate healthy hooves;
  •  Improve overall appearances such as skin and hair luster;
  •  Aid in cellular regeneration;
  •  Speed recovery;
  •  Support optimal immune

It has been observed that the hooves or horses taking Equine Regen® Plus improve in general, including sole growth and without problems that are usually related to hoof challenges. The hair and skin have also been observed to be more shiny and with improved luster. 

In thoroughbreds, it has been observed by their trainers and jockeys that the horses are more manageable, alert and with an increased desire to run. It has further been observed that the recovery time between races and training is shortened considerably.


Five times the standard amount of products have been tested on 5 horses for a 90 days period under Dr. Charlie Timmerman DVM. Blood samples were drawn at baseline, 30-60-90 days. There has been no adverse effect found in any of the horses. Cell counts were also compared at baseline and 90 days. 


PIP hoof - Laminitis Improvement

Pip was diagnosed as having laminitis and was unable to walk. Photo shows her recovery between March 17 to May 12 when she was on Equine Regen® Plus

March 17th: “first week noticed quite a change in Pip’s disposition - a lot happier and seems to have decreased in pain, and bearing weight on her legs more comfortably.”

April 6th: “Farrier commented huge improvement in her feet. He found her much easier than normal to work with and more flexible and obliging…..”

May 7th- “She is well and happy and running around the paddock as if she was doing early morning track work. Bearing in mind 6 weeks ago she could barely walk……”

March 7th: “Ollie sustained injury in hitting his leg and hoof by bar fence. Vet wanted to put him down. He was put on Equine Regen® Plus”

April 6th: “we took photos weekly to the vet who first treated Ollie. He was extremely happy and amazed with the rate at which he was healing in three weeks.”

Mary 6th: “ Just amazing to see the healing and regenera- tion that has taken place. He is starting to be real alert, bright and happy. He is not laying down much in the day anymore, standing and picking all day, baring close to full weight on his hoof. His coat is getting a lovely dapple. He even on his own accord, tested a little trot….”



“My J.B.Famous is an outstanding individual, but I have always had some issues with him. He bleeds and I was not sure how long I would get to run him. Since he has been on Equine Regen® Plus he has not bled. We have had outstanding runs every time. He has been very manageable. He has given me more than he has ever before and it is effortless. I have qualified for the American in March and I was the reserved champion at the WPRA finals on him.”

Taylor Langdon
Texas, USA


 BUBBLE GUM (NCHA ME $113,000+)
 Retired March 2014 at the suggestion of several veterinarians.

“Bubble Gum arrived at Flying C Bar Ranch December 11, 2014. Major bone destruction evolving into fusing in both hocks, massive bone Spavins and Side bone in both front feet due from chronic unbalancing of front feet over years of competition. Bubble Gum was supplemented with Equine Regen® Plus immediately upon arriving. No anti-inflammatories were used. With corrective shoeing and Equine Regen® Plus, Bubble Gum was back under saddle in 45 days. Bubble Gum was once a great cutting horse securing many prestigious Championships. Equine Regen® Plus has given him the opportunity to once again stand in the winners circle, happy and doing what he loves to do the best - cutting.”

Denise Colclasure, Flying C Bar Ranch, OK, USA


"My experience with the Equine Regen® Plus is that the horses that have been on it have shown excessive hoof growth. They’ve shown a very natural hair coat, a lot of shine to the hair. They seem to be a lot healthier, the hooves are a lot healthier. The horse that naturally has a chromyl hoof now has a more solid hoof wall. I have just seen a big improvement in horses that have been on the product. And we see a lot of different horses here. I shoe about 75 to 100 horses a month.”

Sean Prater , farrier and 3 times world champion ranch bronc rider



“The family purchased an 8 year old gelding without a show record, Cat Curls. He was diagnosed with chronic navicular and could not be ridden without experiencing discomfort. We put him on Equine Regen® Plus since then we have shown him in both the NCHA and ACHA successfully. At, this year’s ACHA World Champion- ship Show, Cat Curls won the first go around and placed 5th in Finals. Equine Regen® Plus has been a life-saving experience for me and Cat Curls.”

Bruce Colclasure, trainer, owner and champion rider.



I started my horse Goose on Equine Regen® Plus in September. He has EIPH previously. After we got on Equine Regen® Plus, he qualified for the American rodeo, ran the fastest time the weekend at Mile High Finals. He ran the fastest time at the WPRA finals in Waco. Set an arena record at the All American Finals. All of that within three to four weeks after we started on Equine Regen® Plus.

Tana Poppino, Oklahoma, USA


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