AI Bodyshape Lab (FYO)

What is Body composition?

What is body composition?
Body composition refers to the proportion of fat and non-fat(lean) mass in your body. A healthy body composition has an appropriate percentage of fat, muscle, bone, and other vital parts of the body.  Unlike body weight, which can be misleading since it doesn't distinguish between the weight of fat and lean mass, body composition provides a more detailed and accurate understanding of a person's physical makeup. This information is crucial for identifying health risks associated with excess fat, developing effective fitness programs, and monitoring changes in the body over time.  Understanding and optimizing body composition is an important factor in achieving good health and athletic performance.

Why knowing your body composition is important?

Why knowing your body composition is importantKnowing your body composition is important because it provides a more detailed understanding of your health than traditional measurements like weight or BMI (Body Mass Index) alone. Body composition analysis breaks down your body into its core components: fat, muscle, bone, and water, offering insight into aspects such as the amount of lean muscle mass versus fat mass. This information is crucial for tailoring fitness and nutrition plans to specific needs, helping to improve overall health and physical performance. For instance, a high body fat percentage may indicate a greater risk of health issues like heart disease or diabetes, whereas a higher muscle mass can be indicative of burning Calories more efficiently. By monitoring changes in body composition, individuals can more accurately track their progress towards health and fitness goals, leading to more effective and targeted interventions. This personalized approach to health and fitness underscores the importance of understanding and managing one's body.


How does “FIT YOUR OUTFIT” (FYO) help to manage Body Composition?

How Does Fit Your Outfit Work?
FYO is a smartphone App for everyone who wants a simple, inexpensive, and accurate way to know and track their Body Composition. Simply use your smartphone each time to take a profile photo of your own body and let the AI in your FYO App analyze the image to give you a complete Body Composition report.  FYO preserves your own private information allowing you to compare your Body Composition over time as you progress toward your goal.

The method requires one single lateral photo, promptly conditioned to a monochromatic silhouette with the execution of shape analysis. The results are derived from real, objective measurements accompanied by references and standards.

The FYO® system uses a lateral profile photo to estimate body composition. The quality of the photo plays an important role.
The background doesn't matter. The digital image is automatically and immediately conditioned into a black and white profile.
The FYO® App purported only to take a photo and has a built-in smart camera and distance control system. The picture posting can be completed if the camera position, tilt, and subject's posture are correct.




 FitYourOutfit   (FYOSystem)  How it Works

The FYO system requires a  standing lateral profile picture to estimate  the  body composition. The quality of the photo plays an important role in terms of correct illumination, distance and inclination of the smartphone and finally, correct posture.The background doesn't matter. The digital image is conditioned into a black and white profile.  To obtain an optimal and correct count of the black and white pixels, the image must be unaffected  as much as  possible from position and environmental influences.
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