Lung Armor™

Lung Armor™ is a powerful combination of two innovative technologies designed to promote effortless breathing and maintain robust, healthy lungs:

The Lung Cleanser gently loosens and expels sticky mucus secretions that can contain trapped germs, toxic particles, and harmful chemicals. Its patented flutter mechanism produces a low-frequency acoustic wave, stimulating the natural action of the lung cilia to sweep contaminated secretions out of the lungs. Daily use of the Lung Cleanser also supports healthy breathing by increasing lung capacity and strengthening respiratory muscles.

PRIMILUNGS™ is a natural anti-viral supplement formulation that boosts the immune system and increases resistance to the inflammatory effects of foreign substances that can invade the lungs. It is composed of all-natural ingredients known for their powerful anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activities, providing critical protection for the lungs and other vital organs.

When used together, the Lung Cleanser and PRIMILUNGS™ promote both lung cleansing and immune defense to achieve and maintain healthy lungs.

The routine daily use of the Lung Cleanser and PRIMILUNGS™ is recommended to strengthen the lungs and promote powerful, effortless breathing. For directions and maintenance, click here.

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