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“Improves Blood Flow and Muscle Protein Contractility”

“What is PROTEINnMORE™?"

Ingredients for ProteinnMore™

PROTEINnMORE™ is a unique Turbo-Charged Balanced Premium Protein Blend of natural ingredients, including Hemp Seed, Spirulina and Pea Protein, that optimizes bioavailability of nutrients to rapidly build lean bulk and maximize contractile strength of muscles.

PROTEINnMORE™servings contain 17 grams of Protein,. including essential amino acids (BCAAs - Leucien, Isoleucine and Valine) and 2.5 grams of Carbohydrates.

PROTEINnMORE™ contains 62 minerals and trace minerals, 18 amino acids, 10 vitamins, and 14 fatty acids including Omegas – 3,5,6 and 7.

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What Our Users Say

Normally, I feel tired and stressed all day because I have a lot of responsibility in my job and have to do multiple things at the same time. I don’t like taking stimulant pills or drinks that make me feel tense. Since taking MindnMemory™ every day for the past two weeks , I have been much more focused and efficient in completing my work. At the same time, I feel really calm and stress-free. MindnMemory™ is dependable, works fast and lasts all day. I begin every day with MindnMemory™ and definitely recommend it.
-- Jess O, NV

As an amateur boxer and IT consultant my goal is to maintain physical and mental peak performance at all times. I added MindnMemory™ to my daily routine, I noticed a definite improvement in my short term memory, focus, and problem solving especially related to my IT work. I take MindnMemory™ every day to feel sharper, calmer and more confident. MindnMemory™ is the best!
-- Art P., Las Vegas

PrimiSleep™ has positively changed my life. For more years than I care to count I have suffered from sleep disorders. I have experienced major problems with getting to sleep (up to 2 hours) regardless of how tired I was; and, once to sleep, I continued to have issues with staying asleep for the majority of the night. Most of the time I woke up almost every morning feeling sluggish and still tired. In an attempt to find a solution to my “good-sleep” issues I tried a variety of prescriptions and supplements designed as sleep-aids. They were all generally ineffective or created unwanted side effects. Then, by chance, I discovered PrimiSleep™, and it has become a miracle-worker! I take it every night as my “go-to” sleep solution. It allows me to fall asleep much faster, stay asleep most of the night, and wake up rested. That is all I ever wanted – and PrimiSleep™ has been my answer. I recommend this product for anyone with sleep problems. It is all-natural ingredients and creates no side effects. TRY IT!!
-- Marian, FL

Pluripain® has been a lifesaver for me, after having shoulder surgery. It was definitely a game changer.
- Chris B, NC

When I was diagnosed with degenerative back problems, my doctor put me on high doses of Naproxean and Omeprazole. It killed the pain, but I had an upset stomach. Instead, using Pluripain® more than a month ago to control the pain, it works really fast and one serving lasts all day. Pluripain® stops the pain, with no side effects and as a bonus eliminates the occasional migraine headaches I have.
- - Patty J, SC

I’ve tried a lot of supplements to improve my health and have been let down by most. PrimiLungs™ is different, it really helps to give me good breathing and a ton of energy, even when I work out at the end of a long day.
-Paul B, CA

All my life I was with weak lungs and with many colds, coughs and flu problems, more when it is cold. I don’t like antibiotics and drugs. For the past year I take PrimiLungs™every day and I am not sick. . Now I sleep better and feel better during the day. -Tonya N, Miami

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