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Lung Armor™

LUNG ARMOR™ is a unique combination of two innovative technologies that promote powerful, effortless breathing and robust, healthy lungs:  The LUNG CLEANSER™, a lung cleaning, and strengthening device, works in tandem with PRIMILUNGS™, a natural anti-viral supplement formulation that boosts the immune system and increases resistance to the inflammatory effects of foreign substances that are known to invade the lungs.

LUNG CLEANSER™ helps the lungs to gently loosen and expel sticky mucus secretions containing trapped germs, toxic particles, allergic irritants, and harmful chemicals. This critical hygienic effect is due to a patented flutter mechanism producing a low-frequency acoustic wave that stimulates the natural chronometric action of the lung cilia to sweep contaminated secretions up and out of the lungs.  The daily use of the LUNG CLEANSER™ also supports healthy breathing by creating positive pressure that increases the capacity of the lungs to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide, as well as by strengthening respiratory muscles connected to the ribcage and the diaphragm.

PRIMILUNGS™ dietary supplement is composed of all-natural ingredients known to be safe and to have powerful anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activities.  PRIMILUNGS™ helps the Immune System to give critical protection for the lungs and other vital organs.  The Immune System detects and destroys harmful threats like viruses, bacteria, abnormal cells, and toxic substances.  PRIMILUNGS™ activates Primitive Cells that replace damaged cellular components of the Immune System, the lungs, and all other organs.  LUNG ARMOR™ provides the combined benefit of the LUNG CLEANSER™ and PRIMILUNGS™ by promoting both lung cleansing and Immune Defense to achieve and maintain healthy lungs.

The routine daily use of the LUNG CLEANSER™, and PRIMILUNGS™ is recommended to strengthen the Lungs and promote powerful, effortless breathing.

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